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Concept of Role Assignments

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The processes described here are role assignments designed to grant authority to submitting reports on contracts based on the hierarchy and designation of officers who are registered. The system is based on custom defined roles such as Works Officers, Project Officers and Force Works Officer, for example. Each custom role is assigned permissions/capabilities such as authority to publish posts and submit reports, and the capabilities granted are dependent on the command and zone assignments to take effect.

For example, the rule currently in force on the site is that only users with Works Officers role can submit reports on contracts and this takes effect only if the officer has command and zone assignments. Conversely, if the user is given command/zone assignments, the user still requires Works Officer role to be able to submit reports on those contracts in his/her command/zone assignments.

This model is based on the assumption that Works Officers who regularly visit the contracts sites are those that should generate progress reports on the contracts. A comprehensive review of procedures will define in more granular detail the philosophy of the rules of engagement as regards roles and capabilities assignments to users.

The Roles Assignment feature is integrated with the Command and Zone Assignments as the screenshot below shows, and the typical form template to make the assignments.