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Remove a User From all Zones

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  • Works Manager Online =>User Management and Operational Data.
  • Then click Remove User from all Zones.
  • A form will pop up showing the list of existing User – Zone assignments.

To remove a user from all zones;

  1. Select a user from the Registered Users dropdown box list.
  2. Click Submit. You will be prompted accordingly.
  3. The removal will be reflected in the list of existing User – Zone assignments.

The user’s authority to submit reports has been revoked on any contracts in all zones.

To confirm this, do the following.

  1. Ask the user to login.
  2. Locate a contract post from any of the revoked zones.
  3. Enter the contract post.
  4. The prominent button (in a prominent color blue) would have been de-activated.
  5. Repeat this process for a variety of contracts in the relevant zones.
  6. This verifies the revocation process was successful.