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Register a User for Works Manager Online Operations

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Only those assigned administrative roles that include creating users can register a user, assign them capabilities and editing their profiles.

  • Navigation:  User Registration => Register a User.
  • On the page served titled Register a User, enter the details required in the fields, and note that the required fields have a red asterix (*) appended to their labels.
  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter First Name
  3. Enter Last Name
  4. Enter Email
  5. Enter Password
  6. Enter Repeat Password. This must match the password entered in previous step.
  7. Click Add User.
  8. You will be notified of success or failure on the page you are redirected,
  9. On success, an email will be sent to the email address provided in step 4. The new user will be asked to click a link to activate his/her account on Works Manager Online website.
  10. The user must access the email account and click the link to be activated.
  11. On success activation, the user will be directed to the site.
  12. If you are the user, click Log In on the menu and enter the Username and the Password specified in steps 1 and 5, respectively, on the Log In form.
  13. Note: The administrator would have sent you the password via a secure channel.
  14. Furthermore, memorise these credentials for future use.
  15. On successful login, you will be taken to the home page for Works Manager Online operations with the appropriate menu on the menu bar.
  16. You are now granted access to the Works Manager Online operations features.
  17. Proceed to navigate the site and perform your monitoring operations.