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Recent Post, Recent Comments and Tags cloud

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When a post you created is published, it will appear on the Recent Posts section of the sidebar is on the right. Recent Posts section displays a list of links to posts recently submitted and published on the site; the number of recently posts listed is based on what we have specified for the site (you will see the Recent Comments section as well). The links take to the respective page displaying the content. So if your post appears on the list, such as the recently posted one in a previous section, you do not need to go through the search process describe in the last section.

Also on the sidebar you will see a Categories section links list of all the categories that have been used to create posts on the site (Note: The categories list may be put in a dropdown box to conserve space).

Similarly, all the Tags (i.e. keywords) used are displayed as links, in a cloud format, in the footer of each page. Both sections may have a count appended in brackets to each category or tag, depending on how the site options are configured.

Clicking a category link on the sidebar will produce a search result listing all the posts in that are assigned to that category. The same applies when you click a tag link.