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Remove all Roles from a User

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  • Works Manager Online =>User Management and Operational Data.
  • Then click Remove all Roles from a User.
  • A form will pop up showing the list of existing User – Role assignments.

To remove a user from a role;

  1. Select a user from the Registered Users dropdown box list. Please, select a user with existing command or zone assignments, for tutorial purposes.
  2. Click Submit. You will be prompted accordingly.
  3. The assignment will be reflected in the list of existing User – Role assignments.

The user’s authority to submit reports is revoked on any of the contracts in the commands/zones assigned, in fact the user is reverted back to the status of a newly registered user.

To confirm this, do the following.

  1. Ask the user to login.
  2. Locate a contract post in the assigned command/zone.
  3. Enter the contract post.
  4. The prominent button (in a prominent color blue) would be de-activated.
  5. Repeat this confirmation process for a variety of contracts.
  6. This verifies the process was successful.