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Training Topics

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1             Introduction

1.1          About Works Manager Online

1.2          Works Manager Online Training Topics

1.3          Guidelines and Terminologies

2             Getting to Works Manager Online Site

2.1          How to get to the site

2.2          How to navigate around the site

2.3          Site Headers, Menu, Body, Buttons, Links, Footer and the Search engine

3             The Public Engagement Blog

3.1          Introducing the Public Engagement Blog

3.2          Navigate the Public Engagement Blog

3.3          Submit a post on Latest Events, Upcoming Events and Bulletins

3.4          Search for posts

3.5          Recent Post, Recent Comments and Tags cloud

3.6          Edit an existing post

3.6.1      Make a Post Featured

3.6.2      Make a Post Sticky

3.7          Upload additional images and files to an existing post

3.8          Overview on navigating a website

4             User Registration

4.1          Introducing User Registration

4.2          Register a User for Works Manager Online Operations

4.3          Log in as a Registered User

4.4          Edit the profile of a registered user

4.5          Log out of the site.

4.6          Rules of User Engagement

5             Command and Zone Assignments

5.1          The purpose of Command and Zone Assignments

5.2          Assign a User to a Command

5.3          Assign a User to a Zone

5.4          Remove a User from a Command

5.5          Remove a User from a Zone

5.6          Remove a User from all Commands

5.7          Remove a User from all Zones

5.8          Overview of Command and Zones Assignments

6             Role Assignments

6.1          Concept of Role Assignments

6.2          Add Role to a User

6.3          Remove Role from a User

6.4          Remove all Roles from a User

6.5          Overview of Role Assignments – The required credentials

7             Operational Data

7.1          Introducing the Operational Data concept

7.2          Description of Works

7.3          Land Status

7.4          Recommendations

7.5          Site Incidents

7.6          Site Issues

7.7          Site Status

7.8          Upload Contracts Information to Works Manager Online Website

7.9          Review of Operational Data

8             The Contracts Blog and The Reports Blog

8.1          Contracts Blog and Reports Blog Explained

8.2          Contracts Blog

8.3          Contract Post

8.4          Contract Post’s Reports Templates

8.5          Search Contracts – Basic Search and Advanced Search engines

8.5.1      Basic Contracts Search

8.5.2      Advanced Contract Search

8.6          Contracts Assigned to a Registered User

8.7          Reports Blog

8.8          Report Post

8.9          Search Reports

8.10       Review of Contracts and Reports Blog

9             Monitoring the Progress of Contracts – Submitting Reports on Contracts

9.1          Recap of the motivation for Works Manager Online.

9.2          Submit Monthly Progress Report

9.3          Submit Site Report

9.4          Submit Interim Report

9.5          Submit Incident Report

9.6          Submit Investigation Report

9.7          Submit Completion Report

9.8          Submit Land Acquisition Report

9.9          Submit Special Visits Report

9.10       Review of Monitoring the Progress of Contracts

10           Archives

10.1       Site-Wide Archives

11           Appendix

11.1       About Us

11.2       Contact Us

11.3       Your Feedback

11.4       License

11.5       Privacy Policy

11.6       Vendor and Credits

11.7       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

11.7.1    How do I see my contracts?

11.7.2    What do I do if I cannot remember my user name and password?

11.7.3    What do I do if some of my contracts are not listed?

11.7.4    Why can I not submit reports for contracts assigned to me?

11.7.5    How can I block a user totally from gaining any form of access to Works Manager Online?