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Works Manager an enterprise windows based desktop application deployed at the Department of Logistics and Supply (DLS) of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) for managing information on biding, award, monitoring, assessment and payments recommendation on infrastructure contracts. Features in the application allow staff to create, modify and generate relevant reports and documentation pertinent to the contracts awarded and supervised. Key documents of relevance include Contractors Details, Contracts Details, Schedules of Payment, Contract Award Letters, Due Process Certificates (Awards, Payments), Interim Certificates and Payment Vouchers. These documents are created in strict order in compliance with standard procedures and practices in supervision and management of contracts in the Nigeria Police Force.

Works Manager Online is a web based application extending these tools for managing infrastructure projects by providing Internet based features. Works Manager Online serves two main purposes. The first is as a public engagement blog that enables DLS engage effectively with key stakeholders and the public in general, with the view to educate and sensitise the public, and, above all, get valuable feedback on the impact of the projects initiated in various communities. The second purpose is as a project monitoring tool for management and project supervisory staff to effectively the progress of the contracts across the various commands and zones by transmitting information (pictures, videos, documents) via the internet. One of the expected outcomes improved project delivery cycles.

Technically, Works Manager Online is a website hosting a customised application with features for monitoring the progress of construction and rehabilitation contracts awarded by the Nigeria Police Force and supervised by its Department of Logistics and Supply. From any site location in any command or zones, project officers can take pictures and videos of activities and submit them online with concise descriptions (via predefined form templates) on the website. This provides the management of the Nigeria Police Force with a powerful tool to monitor the progress of all their contracts online from a central website.

Works Manager Online gets the contracts details from the Works Manager desktop application on which contract details and award documentation are stored. When a contract is awarded to a contractor, the details of that contract stored Works Manager are then uploaded to the Works Manager Online website ready for monitoring the progress of the contract from when the contractor moves to site to its completion.

Works Manager Online is built with WordPress, a popular content management system used by more than 60million websites today (as at 2020).  If you have used Facebook, WhatsApp, online newspapers, attached documents such as photographs and reports to your email and sent to a recipient, and then Works Manager Online will be familiar to you. The main difference is that the subject matter concerns the contracts given out by NPF through the Department of Logistics and Supply. The details of all the contracts would have been uploaded unto the website and you will be required only to input and submit your progress reports on each contract through the website, including pictures, videos and documents.