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Recap of the motivation for Works Manager Online

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The premise for building Works Manager Online include reducing projects life cycles, assure improved contracts completion rates and, above all, eliminate incomplete and abandoned projects embarked on by the Nigeria Police Force. Works Manager Online is, therefore, designed as a project monitoring tool to monitor the progress of their infrastructure projects across the various police commands nationwide by transmitting contracts progress information (pictures, videos, written documents) via the Internet.

Therefore, a major activity that will be done through the website is generating reports and submitting them online together with supporting attachments, like pictures and videos, that capture the progress of the contracts. Written documents in electronic formats can also be attached to the online reports that are submitted from the website. Staff responsible for monitoring contracts can perform these functions from their respective stations, and in situ at the contracts’ sites, from any location in the country.

This section describes how to generate and submit online reports for the ongoing contracts through predefined forms templates. The forms are simple, concise and easy to fill and attach documents and pictures just like you do when you send information by email. Submissions of reports are done through the Contract Post.