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The Contracts Blog is the list of posts of all the contracts details on the site. The contracts are listed in card format with the title, location details and excerpts, displayed, with its featured image, if it exists.

  • Navigation: Works Manager Online => Contracts.
  1. This lists the contracts as cards with excerpts of the title and description.
  2. Scroll down to see more contracts.
  3. At the end of the page, you can navigate to other pages via the pagination linksto reveal more by clicking on the page you want or navigate page by page.
  4. Note the information on the sidebar. It includes a list of the Latest Reports, which are also displayed on a slider below the list.
  5. Scrolling down further you will see sections on the sidebar such as Contract Types, Commands and Zones, for example, with their corresponding categorizations as links and numbers in brackets indicating the count of the contracts under the category.
  6. Click the link of any category to show the list of contracts under that category. For example, if you click Rehabilitation, the list of all rehabilitation contracts details stored in the website will be displayed.