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Guidelines and Terminologies

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Terminologies on Works Manager Online.

The  words page, post, article, media, image, blog, blog list, links or hyperlinks, sliders, featured, sticky, url, menu, footer, header, sidebar, buttons, tabs, icon, scroll, scrollbar and forms are web browsing terminologies describing the visual displays on the browser that users interact with; they will be used freely and interchangeably in this document.

Since Works Manager Online is basically a content management system (CMS) website dealing, each contract details, or report details, is a post that represents an article posted to the site; The contracts (or reports) list is a blog list.

A browser is the primary means to interact with websites on the Internet. Popular modern web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. You can use any of these browsers to launch Works Manager Online website and perform relevant tasks.

Your browser displays a single page at a time, and the page can contain all types of content such as text, graphics, images and videos, and they can be formatted accordingly.

The scrollbar is a bar at the right of the page you use to move up and down, scroll up and down, the page

Featured posts are a collection of posts that you want to attract the attention of users’ and they are, typically, displayed in separate but locations such as sidebars and sliders.

Featured image of a post is the image embedded in the blog list of the post and is intended to communicate the context and subject of the post.

Sticky posts are always pushed to the top of the blog list regardless of the display order defined for the list.

Useful downloads for tutorials

To quickly grasp the concepts and topics presented in this document, it is recommended that you launch a tutorial session of Works Manager Online using you preferred browser in parallel to studying this document.

Here are links to sample dummy texts and pictures you may fine useful for the tutorials. Download them onto your computer to use.