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Upload additional images and files to existing post

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Sometimes when you create an article, you may not have prepared all the images and files you want to attach to it. We have provided a useful tool to allow you to upload additional images and files into existing posts. Just open the post and navigate to the button of the page to see the section Upload additional images and files.

  1. Search and locate the post.
  2. Enter the post to reveal its article contents, by clicking the title link or the Continue Reading button.
  3. Scroll down to the Upload additional images and files section.
  4. Click Choose Files.
  5. Navigate to the desired folder containing the images or files.
  6. Select the file(s). Multiple selections are allowed.
  7. Click Upload
  8. On completion, refresh the page.
  9. The new images will appear within the slider.
  10. Non-image files are listed as links, which you click to download or view.