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The Purpose of Command and Zone Assignments

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When a user is newly registered and is logged in to the site, the only Works Manager Online role the user can perform at that stage is to view the contracts and report details and search. The primary function of submitting reports on the progress of contracts is not granted to a newly registered user simply upon registration. Another layer of role assignments to the user is required to grant this capability. Users requiring such capability are primarily the Works Officers and Project Officers.

The User Management and Operational Data facility is where these users are granted the required roles to submit reports on the groups of contracts on their schedule.

This chapter deals with granting and revoking users the authority to submit reports on contracts. The basis is that Works Officers and Project Officers are assigned supervisory roles over contracts based on the Command and Zone structure of the Nigeria Police Force. After the NPF awards contracts, they are sited in, and managed according to, the Command and Zone structure of the Force. Accordingly, officers are assigned contracts in a command or zone to supervise. This assignment is done in the Command and Zone Assignments section.

The screenshots below show the relevant operations and a typical form template to make the assignments.